Jun 02

Clash Royale: how to defeat the strongest cards

We have been a few posts collecting tips and tricks to be unbeatable in the game. As mentioned above characters Clash Royale gems hack tool can be very strong but as in any good RPG there is always a strategy to overcome any letter . So we tell you what you letters used to defeat the strongest characters.


clash royale princeIt is a feared character in the game, especially in the early stages when we are not very strong yet.This is a gentleman dressed in medieval fair and equipped with the corresponding wooden spear. It is very dangerous because then gets run and is able to assault our defenses inflicting enormous damage to the towers .

It is strong but there are several options to kill itbefore it reaches our area. As the game unfolds you surround him with an army of skeletons . These batten with Prince and still be a few things to keep complicating our adversary. Another option is to use the Minions, those blue bugs that are flying around.They will attack without the Principe defend, so in addition to quickly remove our troops will not suffer damage.

The witch

clash royale witchThis is one of the characters that I fear most in the game. It creates enemies in its path and simultaneously attacking our soldiers. Therefore, it is very easy for our troops fall without even touching her. The strategy to kill it passes by combining a series of letters to neutralize its defenses and get hurt .

In this sense, the skeleton army is not effective, since the Witch us destroy in a few punches. My recommendation is to deploy some Minions to kill the skeletons loose witch and a knight to entertain while the winged demons that have survived finish top it . This character will cause us many headaches.

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Army of skeletons

Suddenly startled when gazillion skeletons appear primed with our soldiers quickly. However, they are easy to defeat.

It is best to drop a Valkyrie, which will advance mandobles giving his path, sweeping the skeletons . She will not suffer damage and just let our adversary bowled.

Dragon baby

clash royale dragon babyAnother character easy to kill. It is a small but bully dragon. It moves without most of ground troops and attack him reach our territory starts spitting fire damage. It does not seem easy to remove but there are several strategies that can be followed. First you try to deploy some Goblins with spears or archers , which will subtracting the Dragon while life is busy destroying our tower.

But attention to avoid harm to one of our main towers also  can deploy an additional tower defense to the beast does not reach in any case our territory . This advice, along with the Archers, prevent your towers suffer damage.


clash royale pekkaIt is an armored unit that hits very strong both terrestrial enemies and towers. Therefore, it is a good card assault. It should not come to your defense because it can weaken them in no time.

It is best to neutralize it by the way. To do this simply deploy an army of skeletons around and see how soon dies, or throw some Minions that you can not even attack.

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